September 25th, 2013 was another casual day being a Supervisor at the local Starbucks in Littleton, Colorado. I had just recently moved to the Denver Metro area with my girlfriend, at the time, to start a new life! I couldn't find a Drama teaching job, so I did the next best for a corporation.

It was a huge change from touring nationally and performing in Three Sisters at the ATA in New York City . I even had the promising role of Horatio in Hamlet Off-Broadway coming up but I gave this all up to chase "the expected life" (The wife, kids, dog, white picket fence, American Dream). I so desperately wanted that life I gave up on my real dream of being an actor. Then it hit me...


I was coming out of work, stopped at a red light and an Acura MDX slammed into the rear of my car. It crushed my car like an accordion, breaking my seat, leaving me unconscious. 

I had suffered a brain hemorrhage, herniated disks, memory loss and a pain that would last for years.

I was diagnosed with a TBI, PTSD, depression, ADD, short-term memory loss, a stutter and a loss of vision. I was treated by a Physical Therapist, Neurologist, Neuropsychologist, Neuropthamologist, Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist and multiple other Psychologists to treat my symptoms from the accident for nearly 3 years.

Seeking treatment had become my new full-time job. I lost all my money, the job and the girl. I had to start over again. I had to re-learn skills to read, talk and remember. I gave up alcohol, caffeine, prescription meds and went natural. I started to meditate, go on long hikes, take travel excursions and use cannabis medicinally for pain; and stress. Then, once the stutter went away, got glasses for the first time and started doing improvisation life changed for the better.

The black clouds started to clear and I started to see my true path again...acting! 

I then got a job as a Theatre Teacher at an inner-city Denver public middle school. I focused on my health and honing my craft through practice with my students. With my school communities support, I decided to make the leap to LA. I know it's not "the expected" life anymore but I am a changed man. A man that takes risks, tries his hardest, fully commits and always says yes!

Now, I am on one mission: inspire the world!

I'd love to hear from you. Send me your questions, concerns, or kudos. Thanks for reaching out!

9/25/13-The crash